2 MFHS Coaches Resign Following Alcohol-related Misconduct

Girls cross country coaches Paul Schramka and Lyn Deiss resigned after they were placed on leave for consuming alcohol during a cross country meet in October.

Two coaches for the Menomonee Falls High School girls cross country team have resigned from the school district after consuming alcohol during a meet in October.

The team’s head coach Paul Schramka and team coach Lyn Deiss resigned after being placed on administrative leave for the incident in October. Schramka was an educational assistant at MFHS, and Deiss was a teacher at MFHS. A volunteer for the team, who was also caught consuming alcohol, resigned from helping the team.

Both employees were placed on administrative leave after news of the incident surfaced. The incident occurred on Oct. 18 during a cross country meet hosted at Rotary Park in Menomonee Falls. The district will not release further details regarding the incident. The School Board approved both resignations earlier in November.

Boys cross country coach Tom Shannon escorted Falls’ Megan Paule to the state qualifier in October after the incident. The district has posted the vacant head coaching position for the girls' team, but its unclear if that vacancy has been filled.

Jann November 30, 2012 at 06:15 PM
@diane brooks, 17 schools were at that meet that was put on by the Falls district. Great representation on their part - NOT. Can you imagine if other schools teachers, parents and students saw this happening or smelled it on their breath? You are sticking up for two people who as Dave T says made a big mistake and are paying a heavy price. They deserve what they got. If they can't handle the weather conditions and need to drink alcohol to get through it they should consider coaching an indoor sport at their next jobs. I can't imagine any employer putting up with this.
Dave T December 01, 2012 at 12:23 AM
Dave Thomas, set up the account months ago, didn't know what my screen name was. Real name, falls resident, father of a girl cross country runner. I wouldn't go as far as Diane, but I like others don't know her story. And hell yeah we the tax payers should buy Jerry a steak dinner. Fire fly if you volunteered 1/10 the time and effort of Jerry you probably wouldn't need to hide behind a stupid screen name, you too nutwhatever.
W . Benz December 01, 2012 at 01:31 AM
Oh ok Dave .. now your using a real name !! BFD... Thomas Why didn't you buy the dinners and service awards ... I and others use a screen name because of people like you .....
Dave T December 01, 2012 at 01:42 AM
People like me, what exactly about me scares you firefly? I'm a nice guy that happens to be involved enough to know what an asset people Jerry Mislang are to this village. That was my only point, stop up and meet the new AD, see the good stuff going on at the high school, the world outside the comment section on the patch really isn't that scary.


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