Union Protest Planned at Frito-Lay Menomonee Falls Plant

The Teamsters Local 344 will be holding a demonstration outside the Frito-Lay plant in Menomonee Falls on March 21.

A protest is in the works next week at Frito-Lay Inc. in Menomonee Falls.

On March 21, demonstrators on behalf of the Teamsters Local 344 will assemble outside the business holding signs and distributing literature, at W168N6019 Kohler Lane.

A report was filed with the police department by the Frito-Lay, which will allow to people to hand out literature on the company's property.

The purpose of the demonstration was unclear, but there have been issues at the plant regarding whether workers there should be represented by the union. 

According to the Milwaukee Business Journal, employees voted 64-to-57 to not be represented by the union in November 2011.

In January 2012, the union accused the company of directly engaging provoking and supporting the decertification, the Business Journal reported. The union claimed the company engaged in discussions about terms and conditions of employment without working through the union.

The union then filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board’s Milwaukee office.

Patch contacted Frito-Lay, Local 344, and the NLRB Friday afternoon for comment regarding the protest and the investigation. No calls were immediately returned. It’s not yet known what time the demonstration will occur.

Check Patch for more details as they emerge. 

Greg March 18, 2013 at 03:32 AM
Too? Don't include me in whatever you got going with your sister.
me March 18, 2013 at 05:25 AM
We need a union to peel potatoes? Get real, they were needed in the coal mines and steel mills in the 1890's but are a dinosaur now.
Daniel S. March 18, 2013 at 12:13 PM
Unions for the most part, have become useless. I've been part of two of them and also worked in the same in no-union positions in similar companies. Until I retire, I will not see any benefit of being a union member. Sadly, when I was let go from a union employer, there was nothing the union could do to save my job. I was not given a reason for being let go, other than: they have their reason(s) and you should take the offer of severance pay. They let 7 of us go the same day, zero reason(s). We worked in different departments, had different union classifications. There was even a person hired 3 months after me, doing the same job that had never been in the union they kept on. When I asked why I was not given the opportunity to go to the later shift since I had 10 years in the union, they said: seniority has nothing to do with anything but vacation request time. My pension fund has been in peril the past decade plus and by the time I retire, I wonder if there will be anything in it at all. PS - they also could not secure me a new job in 1 1/2 years, this goes back to the year 2001. I'm in a different non-union industry now.
Awake! March 18, 2013 at 01:05 PM
The saddest part about being in the union is that I have no "choice" involved in whether or not I want to be in the union at all. Because the company I work for is a "closed shop" and the work i enjoy doing falls under union control, I have no choice, other than to quit and go somewhere else hoping that there will be an openning somewhere is this current business climate or stay put and just bide my time. I was told by a fellow union member (whom I was debating unions vs non-union shops) that if I don't like being in the union that i should just turn my card in and get the (expletive) out. In response, I tried to explain to this person that the union doesn't provide my employment, the company does and he has no authority to tell me to do any such thing just because we disagree. Even more, I'm paying union dues that go to a politcal party that I vehemently disagree with plus goes to attorney's that "protect" those whom can't remember to get to work everyday, those whom don't want to work and those that spend more time trying to get out of having to work. It just goes to show that you cannot argue entitlements and the results of them with the entitled because they can never see past their entitlement. I don't agree with croni-capitalism at any level either, but in my opinion, based on expeirence, is that unions have become exactly what they are trying to fight against. And this, is really a shame, because the only people that suffer are those with a proverbial "work ethic"...
Daniel S. March 18, 2013 at 11:31 PM
@ Impeach Now - YES, you are correct; in many respects the Union is just another entity taking money out of our pockets. I work for a very large retail chain that is non-union. There are certainly situations that warrant saying: "if we had a union, this behavior towards employees would not take place". I also know that I would likely be making less money than I am, that the special awards one can earn would go away and I would not be near as happy as I am under the non-union system. Where I can earn based on my ability and drive to achieve; where not everyone makes the same whether they actually work or not.


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