Templeton Student Wins Poetry Competition

Templeton Middle School student Isabel Kelly takes home the top prize from Milwaukee Public Museum's Student Poetry Competition. Her winning poem will be published in the museum's fall publication.

The poetry of student Isabel Kelly was selected as a winner in the Milwaukee Public Museum 2012 Student Poetry Competition, Objects and Artifacts—the Poetry of the Museum’s Collections.

Kelly’s poem, “The Jeweled Ivory Elephant,” was a winner in the grades 6-8 category, and will be published in the fall issue of “Wings,” the museum’s member publication.

Kelly, a student of Templeton communication arts teacher Christy Schwechel, was invited to read her poem at a special reading and awards ceremony at the museum and her poem will be published in the upcoming fall issue of Wings, the museum’s member publication.

The Jeweled Ivory Elephant

Ivory and smooth against the touch
As it ventures the cold tile earth
Bells ring as fragile feet hit the flat surface
Eyes stare blankly forward
And peeks of India seep over the 3 to 4 foot shelves and pedestals.

Gold and jewels slide down his trunk
428 precious stone hold on for dear life as they lay on its sides
The gold shields much of the body
As tusk tips gleam.

Now standing on its pedestal
It stares through the spotless glass
Awaiting the finger prints
And people passing by the Jeweled Ivory Elephant.


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