Maple Avenue Elementary Fundraising for SMART Boards

The school's parent-teacher group is organizing a Fun Run to buy seven new SMART Boards for the school in hopes of someday having one in every classroom.

In an attempt to reach their goal of having one SMART Board in every classroom, the Maple Avenue Home and School parent-teacher group organized a Fun Run to raise money for the new technology.

will hold its first Fun Run May 11 with proceeds going to buy seven new classroom boards. SMART Boards are digital whiteboards connected to computers that allow use of touchscreen capabilities to manipulate information.

“SMART Boards keep the kids interested and involved with classroom lessons,” said Maple Avenue fifth grade teacher Christina Garley. “A classroom SMART Board is great for its interactive capabilities, and it allows teachers to bring outside internet resources into the classroom.”

All students are encouraged to collect pledges toward purchasing SMART Boards. Each student who turns in a pledge will receive a Fun Run temporary tattoo to wear during the run and can earn a variety of donated prizes based on total pledges they collect.

“We are excited about this healthy effort to actively involve our staff and students to make the Maple Avenue experience even better."

As part of their “Uniting Kids and Community” Program, fifth grade students prepared presentations explaining the goals of the Fun Run to the other grades. The fifth-graders also will help on the day of the run with event logistics and pledge sheets tabulation.

“We are excited about this healthy effort to actively involve our staff and students to make the Maple Avenue experience even better. Our business neighbors have already committed their support with prizes and donations,” said Maple Avenue Principal Kristin Koeper-Hamblin.

Parents and community members wishing to contribute to the Home and School purchase of classroom SMART Boards may make checks payable to the Maple Avenue Home and School. 

Joseph April 27, 2012 at 05:26 PM
SMART Boards are not the answer, better teachers are. I've been out of high school for many years and they tried pushing this stuff then. I don't see a benefit to education over blackboards.
Andy Ambrosius April 27, 2012 at 06:08 PM
I mean, when I was in high school we had projectors straight from the teacher's computer. I don't see how this could be THAT much better than a simple projector.
Michele Divelbiss April 27, 2012 at 10:18 PM
Joseph and Andy...Both of you should come and visit Valley View where my kids go, and actually see the SmartBoards and our fabulous teachers and kids using them. We even have document cameras, but that's probably getting to technological for you. This is the direction education needs to move, and if you don't give the teachers the resources they need then you hamstring even the best teachers.


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