Disc Golf Course Proposal Flies Forward

The Whitnall School Board gave senior Clayton Anderson the go-ahead to continue to build on his disc golf course plan he presented to them earlier this month.

A proposal by Whitnall senior Clayton Anderson and the district Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Matt Karshna to develop a disc golf course on district land moved ahead Monday.

The Whitnall School Board voted unanimously to allow Anderson to pursue funding for the plan to build a course in the district’s Nature Pod, and for him to work with Karshna to help build upon a concept for the course he presented to the board earlier this month.

“Once we develop a scope of work and contact the appropriate stakeholders, we’ll move the project to the next step,” Karshna said. “I needed to know that the board supported the idea and they do.”

Karshna said Anderson, son of Whitnall School Board member TJ Anderson, will be largely in charge of coming up with fundraising for the project, and the two of them will work on coming up with a suitable design.

“We’ve had people approach the district willing to help with the course,” Karshna said. “Once we have a design, we can bid that out and find out how much  that will cost us to do.”

Karshna said he also get an arborist and the city forester involved to make certain good trees don’t get damaged by construction.

He estimated the plan would not come back to the board until January at the earliest.

The Nature Pod is located just north of Whitnall Middle School on 116th Street.

KHD November 28, 2012 at 06:25 PM
They are going to take down trees? I hope not. There goes another quiet spot to have nice stroll through. Now you can get wacked in the head with a frisbee. This idea sucks, just because the kid is a board members son. This Stinks !!!
Nick Cimler December 12, 2012 at 04:14 PM
I believe that this could be a great opportunity for students to find a new hobby in frolfing (frisbee golf). Considering that the closest course is in New Berlin
Stephen Stevanovic February 26, 2013 at 06:15 PM
I love frolfing and having a course so close to my school sounds good, and i am very excited! This could also be a good way to start a new school club!


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