Village Repaving Lime Kiln Park Path, Main and Pilgrim Intersection

The two projects are part of a laundry list of repaving projects that were recently contracted to Payne and Dolan, Inc.

If you’ve ever ridden your bike through Lime Kiln Park, or driven a vehicle through the intersection of Main Street and Pilgrim Road, you know what it’s like to give your shocks a workout.

However, those two popular routes for residents on the move will get a lot smoother. The village plans to repave both the path and the busy intersection of Pilgrim Road and Main Street this year.

The village board recently granted a $1.37 million asphalt paving contract to Payne and Dolan, Inc. The contract includes a $59,000 project to repave the Main Street and Pilgrim Road intersection. Repaving Lime Kiln Park will also cost roughly $42,000.

The contract also includes $875,000 for pavement construction throughout various locations of the village.  Here’s a look other notable locations in the village that will be getting street upgrades:

  • Shorecrest Drive, $196,000
  • Martin Drive/St. Thomas Drive, $72,000
  • Bryn Mawr Court, $24,000
  • Old Falls Village Parking Lot, $56,000
  • Terrace Drive, $15,000
  • MacArthur (5-foot-wide asphalt path), $14,000
  • Epoxy Pavement Marking (Various locations), $20,000

The 2012 paving projects were included in the 2012 Capital Budget and the Public Works operating budget. The Village Board approved a declaration of intent to reimburse Payne and Dolan, since the village has not borrowed the funds for the projects yet.

Craig June 13, 2012 at 03:17 AM
When was the path originally paved? Seems like the bug line will need repaving afterall. I am curious as to the expected life of the pavement. Lime Kiln park has no horses or snowmobiles, and yet it needs repaving.
Steve ® June 13, 2012 at 05:24 PM
They should have given Payne and Dolan the contract to pave Shady and or Menomonee, the most embarrassing streets in the village. Wonder how many roads we could have paved with a vacant 18 million dollar hotel?


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