School Board Approves 52 Preliminary Layoff Notices, Technology Upgrades

The board anticipates that less than eight full-time employees will eventually be laid off. The board also approved an $800,000 project to upgrade the district's technology infrastructure.

As part of the planning process for the 2012-13 budget, the Menomonee Falls School Board on Monday approved the issuance of 52 preliminary layoff notices for teaching staff.

School Board Member Gina Palazzari said the total number of layoff notices was reduced from the 60 to 70 previously expected by the Personnel Committee. The total fell as the committee moved forward with staff scheduling plans. Palazzari said the board anticipates that less than eight full-time staff positions will ultimately be eliminated.

At the last School Board meeting, the board members originally estimated that seven to 12 full-time positions would be eliminated.

Layoff notices will be sent to teachers primarily at North Middle School and Menomonee Falls High School. The staff reductions are directly correlated to declining enrollments at both schools and the reduction of revenue that results.

“I just want people to know that our enrollment is declining and that is driving teacher layoffs,” said Superintendent Patricia Greco.

Preliminary layoff notices do not mean a teacher is getting laid off. However, teaching staff reorganization is still predicated by seniority and certification. Therefore, teachers with seniority whose position is being eliminated can bump teachers below them out of their position. Preliminary layoff notices are issued to teachers that could be affected.

Layoff notices will be sent out in June.

Next year is the final year in which seniority and certification will drive staff reorganization. The district is moving toward a merit-based employment system, which will be incorporated into the new employee handbook.

Palazzari said the Personnel Committee is currently in the information gathering process for the handbook, and public meetings on the handbook will be scheduled.

Technology Upgrades

The last time the district updated a majority of its network the current MFHS seniors were just entering kindergarten. However, by June, the district’s technology infrastructure will be brought up to date.

The School Board on Monday also approved up to $800,000 for the technology overhaul throughout all the schools in the district. Director of Technology Jeff Nennig said the project includes adding secure wireless at every school, equipment upgrades, and software updates.

The project will increase network speed, reliability, and accessibility for students and staff. At a prior meeting, Nennig said it can take nearly 20 minutes at times for teachers to log fully into the system for in-class presentations.

The funding for the project comes directly from the district’s fund balance, which is essentially the district’s savings. The project’s cost will not affect state aid to the district. The fund balance will remain well above 12 percent, which is a level mandated by the board.  

Menoparent March 28, 2012 at 03:29 PM
Chris, this message was for everybody not just you. There are some people here who need to know the truth instead of just worrying about their taxes. I already mentioned it, it was very frowned upon and could not rebuttal. Plus, I know what they would say, we would have never gotten such a great super with Greco if we didn't, she deserves every penny. Plus, a lot of supers are overpaid and if they lowered her's, she would and others would go somewhere else.
Tulsa March 28, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Meno : " Great super " she's only been here what 1 year and " Deserves every penny " Meno it IS about Taxes [ MONEY ] always has been always will be. \ So Meno what is the truth ? fill in the blanks ,, Do you understand what kind of economy we are in ? Just look around alot of our fellow citizens ane underemployee or unemployed. So if any AD's want to move on .....OK....... Job opening .... I guess I can't say much more about over comp AD's.....
Menoparent March 28, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Calm down Chris, I don't agree what they said to us about not lowering their pay, but it's the facts and there is not much I can do about it other than what I did. If all the supers were on a level playing field vying for these jobs with one district say our's paying substantially less than others in the area, where do you think the good one's would go? You would have to keep all supers making the same pay by county based on their enrollment size??? I don't know, I wish I had all the answers. Maybe they should all be in a union with the principals, lol!
Tulsa March 28, 2012 at 04:53 PM
Meno : It's called Pyramiding and it's done by people who belong to trade groups and assoc. The best tactic for these Employees is to shrink the labor pool by adding requirements and moving from Dist to Dist there by ENRICHING the position for whomever is selected .. Called Marty down in St.louis he played the game well... Thinking out of the box , Share Super's with other Dist or Outsorce it . Meno you don't think these Super's and AD's talk ? All they need is a phone not a union . You think Greco's group replaced the in's overnite. Paul Harvey time ..... Good day ..
#1 son March 28, 2012 at 08:28 PM
It is hard to figure in all the fringes, but by my calculations, she is getting between $75 - $82/hour, based on an 8 hour day and between 240 and 260 days at work.


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