President Barack Obama: 'Real Change is Hard,' But Worth the Fight

During campaign stop with singer Katy Perry in Milwaukee Saturday that drew an estimated 20,000 people, Obama says: "I am here today because there is more work to do."

With just days to go before what will likely be a close election both in Wisconsin and nationally, thousands of people filled the Delta Center in Milwaukee Saturday afternoon to hear President Barack Obama promise to keep fighting for the middle class.

As soon as he took the podium before a crowd estimated at 20,000, Obama promised to get help to the victims of Hurricane Sandy and asked those in attendance to pray and donate to the Red Cross, if they were able to do so.

His speech then turned to his campaign theme of “Forward." His primary message was about continuing the policies of his administration to provide a voice for the middle class while also growing and supporting a strong middle class.

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Obama also touched on the strength of the American spirit, but his remarks made the most impact with the crowd when he acknowledged that a lot of his supporters in 2008 got caught up in the idea of change without really recognizing how difficult it would be.

“Back in 2008, a lot of of folks got swept up in the excitement of change,” he said. “Sometimes we get frustrated by speed of change, but real change is hard. Change we believe in is a change in the system.”

Before Obama took the stage, several other prominent Democrats — including Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl and U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin — delivered remarks centered around the theme of moving the country forward instead of returning to what they said were the failed policies of the past.

Pop singer Katie Perry entertained before the president took the stage, where a tight red, white and blue dress with the Obama campaign logo and the word "Forward" on it.

Among the those in the crowd was Leslie Peterson of Brookfield, who agreed Obama needs another term to continue moving the country out of the recession.

“The president needs another four years to recover from the policies of the previous administration and the Republicans who supported him,” she said.

Obama asked the crowd to continue fighting because without a strong middle class, the country cannot succeed.

“We’ve worked hard these last four years, and I am here today because there is more work to do,” he said. "Our work is not yet done because this nation cannot succeed without a vibrant middle class where everybody does their fair share; where everybody is playing by same rules. That’s why you elected me in 2008  and why I’m running for second term.”

John Wilson November 05, 2012 at 03:20 AM
Adam Wienieski - Only in your "Wishful Thinking" mind... EARLY VOTING: [8 hours ago…] "So far, Democratic voters outnumber Republicans in Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio. Republicans have the edge in Colorado." http://www.wfmj.com/story/19994154/obama-seems-to-have-early-voter-lead-in-key-states [20 hours ago…] "So far, Democratic voters outnumber Republicans in Florida, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio - five states that could decide the election, if they voted the same way. Republicans have the edge in Colorado, which Obama won in 2008." http://seattletimes.com/html/politics/2019593399_apusearlyvoting.html
Veryvila November 05, 2012 at 03:21 AM
There are so many reasons not to elect Mitt Romney. The main one being his pathological lying and refusal to do anything but lie. Facts don't agree with you republicans, but facts they are that Romney was not the least bit bipartisan in MA and is now claiming that he was and would be. Romney is a one percenter for the one percent and he will return the country to the extremely failed policies of the Bush administration and has hired many of those Bush advisers. President Obama came into office with the economy in the tank. Banks were in meltdown. People were losing jobs and the country was in a serious recession. President Obama got to work with the Recovery Act to help every state to keep their employees in jobs and working to create jobs. Two million jobs were created. Saving the American car industry was a risky move but one that President Obama took for all the workers and people whose jobs are connected to the car industry. Thousands of jobs were saved and the auto industry is back. Romney is lying about Jeep moving jobs to China which is a lot of nerve since China is one of Romney's favorite places to ship jobs leaving Americans without jobs or hope. Jeep is doing great in America and will be hiring more workers to keep up with their production. We are not going to allow republicans to allow the Grover Norquist fealty pledgers against taxes to be in charge with their agenda to end all the programs that Americans need to live as senior citizens.
John Wilson November 05, 2012 at 03:30 AM
Adam Wienieski - The only problem with the Plethora of "Wishful Thinkers" attacking Nate Silver's methodology or statistical model or Nate himself, is… no one else even comes close to his accuracy in predicting Political Election RESULTS! Sour grapes, hope and “Wishful Thinking” just doesn’t change the FACTS…
JW November 05, 2012 at 04:57 AM
Obama is a talker. But we need someone to walk the walk, rather than talk the talk. No matter what he inherited... he did not do nearly enough with it... and his biggest accomplishment, Obamacare, is one where he inserted his pet cause (redistribution of wealth) to muck it up. Rather than focusing on policies to reduce costs for all classes, he focused on policies to assist the lower class via not passing savings on to other classes. There was a time article on this, regarding when Obamacare goes into effect it is projected to have no positive impact on middle class families. They expect no negative impact either... but that still leaves it a non-solution. In the past week, I talked to someone who had a toenail drilled into to relieve pressure... and it was a $1000 bill. Another person had a digestive exam where they were put under and had a camera inserted to check things out. For a one hour exam, that bill was $14,000. THAT is all at the heart of what is wrong with healthcare... both services were billed at a rate that I tend to think is a good 10 times what it should be. One was a 5 minute procedure at $1000... the other was an hour procedure that could have paid 100 people $100 for that hour AND still had $4000 left over for any equipment rental or drug costs. THAT stuff is what is wrong and Obamacare is not focused on that. Anyway, Obama is a big talker... I hope on Nov 6th we release his obligations as president and free him up for the talk circuit!
Daniel S. November 05, 2012 at 05:16 AM
Thanx JW, from the beginning I was thinking similarly; Healthcare costs are out of control. Who cares if you can afford insurance, if you cannot afford the balance after the insurance paid their share? The cost of care is what needs to be made affordable!


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