POLL: Should Law Require Health Care Coverage for Young Adults?

Some top insurers plan to keep the provision no matter the outcome of the Affordable Health Care Act, but it's unclear if the GOP would mandate it in any version of the law it puts forward.

One of the first provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act to take effect was mandatory coverage for young adults, through age 25. Insurers are required to offer coverage through parents’ plans to those adult children, and an estimated 13.7 million of them are on those programs.

The Supreme Court in late June , but the battle is by no means over. GOP lawmakers still hope to repeal the measure by gaining a Senate majority in November, with Wisconsin one of the key states in that effort.

But a Huffington Post story last week noted that while the GOP remains firmly against the Affordable Health Care Act, that provision for young adults has broader support. Many lawmakers have children who could or do take advantage of the coverage, and some said they would support it in any bill their party puts forward. Meanwhile, Reuters reported that three major insurers would agree to extend that coverage to young adults with or without a law.

Should this provision be mandated by law or should the market be allowed to determine whether uninsured young adults can receive this coverage? Vote in our poll and tell us more in the comments.

Eugene Barufkin July 10, 2012 at 04:06 PM
Succinct Extracted points of Presidential candidate Rocky Anderson - "ObamaRomneyCare is a private for-profit insurance and pharmaceutical industry rip-off. Now, millions of us are required to purchase an overpriced and inadequate insurance plan or else pay a fine to the IRS. There is no control on premiums or co-payments. It does nothing to control costs. We Americans now have by far the costliest, least efficient healthcare system in the industrialized world. For years, the majority of Americans have wanted a single-payer system where everyone is covered. During the Congressional healthcare debate, doctors and nurses advocated for a Medicare for All, . . . Single Payer system, but Obama and Congress shut them out of the debate. President Obama received huge campaign donations from all sectors of the for profit health care industry, including giant pharmaceutical companies that always seem to get their way in Washington. Obama received a staggering $20 million dollars in campaign donations in 2008 from the for-profit health care industry. This system would be universal, effective, humane, and economical. It would not result in bankruptcies, it would have better medical outcomes, and it would save $400 billion annually." - - - - - - - - The real problem is bribery of to many politicians,America must have public financing of all elections to have honest govt for and by the people.
Eugene Barufkin July 10, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Fusion voting systems will also help by giving alternate opportunities to the people, lessening the power of the dominating two wealthy parties, who's number one priority is survival. What has happened to govt for the people by the people? Govt not just for the wealthy and corporations. - By the way, just in case you have not noticed, it's the same wealthy 1% who make the corporate decisions. <>
James R Hoffa July 10, 2012 at 05:06 PM
@Eugene - Instead of public financing of elections, why can't we just hold the bribed politicians accountable for allowing themselves to be bought off by special interests, as the system originally intended us to? I'm getting sick of this blame the drug dealer while permitting the drug addict to shirk all personal responsibility mentality that has infected our nation! What people like you fail to realize is that demand is more powerful than supply! Pubic financing of elections isn't going to accomplish anything, other than wasting even more taxpayer dollars on a foolish endeavor! America needs to wake up and start holding politicians accountable. Obama should be impeached for the $.5B in taxpayer funding that his buddies at Solyndra were allowed to steal from us.
James R Hoffa July 10, 2012 at 05:15 PM
@Karen - Thanks, I appreciate that! I understood the point that others were trying to make. But my point is why punish the righteous, such as myself, that don't believe in health care insurance except in the case of catastrophic unforeseen situations, by forcing us to buy a product that we don't want under threat of penalty, just to kowtow the system around the lowlifes that don't want to pay their bills? Is that honestly what America has come to - a nation that bends over backwards to suit lowlifes by punishing the righteous? I could only image what our forefathers think of what we've turned this nation into. Instead of punishing the righteous and taking away our freedoms, why can't they just make the lowlifes pay their bills? Government is so good at eminent domaining private property rights, collecting taxes, etc. But for some reason or another, it can't force people to pay their medical bills? I'm sorry, but I just don't buy it! The people of this nation have become addicted to an entitlement lifestyle, where even the poorest of the poor are somehow entitled to cell phones, satellite tv, ipods, designer cloths, etc. Government handouts have turned this nation into a laughing stock! Kennedy and Johnson were the WORST Presidents ever!
Joana Briggs July 12, 2012 at 08:58 PM
The market needs to open so the decision can emerge.


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