Main Street Roundabouts Officially Dead

Every Village Board member came out against the idea of roundabouts on Main Street during Tuesday night’s workshop, a vote that had the close to 100 attendees applauding.

“It’s off the table,” concluded Village President Greg Goetz. “It’s off.”

Goetz is referring to roundabouts, and after every Sussex Village Board member expressed a disinterest in them on Tuesday, the village president ordered architects to kill the idea of roundabouts for Main Street.

The group of officials met on Tuesday evening for the , held for convenience reasons at the . And good thing it was; close to 100 concerned residents packed the room and lined the walls waiting for their turn to speak to the board.

However, rather than an endless stream of comments opposing roundabouts, the Village Board was met with something else: applause. Goetz summed up comments from trustees by saying while roundabouts are functional, they’re not for Sussex.

“My opinion as far as the roundabouts go is that they do serve a purpose, but maybe not in Sussex,” Goetz said as the crowd erupted with applause. “, and that’s not where my decision came from at all. This is a small town community. If we want to have our community still stay like a small town, that might not be what we want to do for our community.”

 “Since this roundabout saga began, the biggest question people had was, ‘Does anyone on the board have any common sense?’ Guess what? We now know they do.”

Each trustee agreed, saying they want to closely review the enormous packet of public comments collected at each public forum before making any additional concrete decisions. However, both trustees Pat Tetzlaff and Jason Wegner agreed they thought , is the concept they find most appealing.

And local business owners that would have been directly affected by the placement of roundabouts had to throw our their prepared statements and list of questions. The owners from and said they were loaded with questions, but now only can say, “Thank you.”

“I was going to read this whole thing tonight, but I don’t have to now,” said . “Since this roundabout saga began, the biggest question people had was, ‘Does anyone on the board have any common sense?’ Guess what? We now know they do.”

Now that roundabouts are off the table, trustees and community members can begin solving more specific problems with the functionality of the road. For example, many community members opposed rerouting Silver Spring Drive to create a more traditional intersection with Main Street.

Along with rerouting the street, residents were concerned about rerouting traffic away from Main Street, the vitality of businesses on the street and creating a bridge over the railroad near Quad/Graphics.

The next Main Street workshop is scheduled for sometime in June, but no specific date has been identified. 

Sparky May 16, 2012 at 09:12 PM
Note to all of those naysayers who were falsely accusing the Village Board and President of a hidden agenda...you were wrong. All along the Board was simply asking for community input on how to make Sussex a better place while concurrently planning for future growth. Thank you again to the entire Board for their open and transparent approach through this process.
Tony May 17, 2012 at 03:31 AM
Remember to vote out Goetz and Dietrich in the next election. They are fake conservatives and signed the Walker recall.
Steve Dan May 20, 2012 at 02:59 PM
While I don't agree with the whole recall fiasco, I do feel that all citizens have a right to vote their opinions whether in a leadership role or simply an American voicing their vote. The RAB idea is dead because we the people voiced our opinions. The board saw that and did what the people wanted. Quite simple actually. But if you don't like who or what candidate they voted for, then again, that is your right. You have no REASONABLE objection to vote them out of office. Don't you agree that it's a great thing to be able to vote, comment and endorse your personal opinion? I thank you for comments and your concern. You are indeed a needed American for standing up for your rights.
Cthlulu August 20, 2012 at 02:30 AM
This fiasco doesn't demonstrate "common sense" so much as a weak local government that is completely incapable of promoting the recommendations of experts for whose opinion the citizenry indirectly paid good money. The residents twenty years from now will be shaking their heads wondering what they had been thinking back then.
Cthlulu August 20, 2012 at 02:33 AM
I've noticed that in this state most drivers don't stop for the pedestrians even at crosswalks (despite being required to by law), and if you stop, the driver behind you will honk and probably make an expressive gesture.


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