Live Blog: November 2012 Wisconsin Election Results

Patch will have a team of editors and reporters in the community covering Tuesday's election in real-time in our live blog.

After more than a year of hype, hundreds of speeches and millions spent on campaign ads, the 2012 election is finally here — and Patch is covering it live in a real-time Election Day Blog.

We have more than two dozen reporters and editors throughout southeastern Wisconsin Tuesday, talking to voters, election officials and others — and providing updates and results in the blog until the final races are called.

We also want to hear from you, so make sure your post a comment in the blog. Tell us how you voted for and why; share your experiences at the polls; or just weigh in on the big election of 2012.


Here are the latest results for key races for Waukesha County and Wisconsin. Presidential results only represent votes in Wisconsin. Polls in Wisconsin close at 8 p.m. Central time. Once a winner is announced, the candidate's name will appear in bold.

LAST UPDATE: 1:19 p.m. Wednesday

     Race       % of Precints reporting Democratic Candidate Results Republican Candidate Results President-Wisconsin totals

Obama-Biden (I)

1,606,514 Romney-Ryan 1,404,950 U.S. Senate 99% Tammy Baldwin 1,537,138 Tommy Thompson 1,372,485 1st Congressional District 100% Ron Zerban
157,721 Paul Ryan (I)
199,715 28th State Senate District 100% Jim Ward 34,990
Mary Lazich (I)
60,621 13th State Assembly District 100% John Pokrandt 13,219 Rob Hutton 20,378 14th State Assembly District 100% Chris Rockwood 14,451 Dale Kooyenga (I) 20,921 24th State Assembly District 88% Shan Haqqi 8,812 Dan Knodl (I) 18,271 83rd State Assembly District 100%
Jim Brownlow 9,956 Dave Craig (I)
97th State Assembly District 100%
Marga Krumins 9,888 Bill Kramer (I)
18,013 98th State Assembly District
Eric Prudent 9,338
Paul Farrow (I)
22,358 Waukesha County Clerk 100% Jessica Read 63,575 Kathleen Novack 155,430 Race  Pct. reporting Republican Candidate Results Republican Candidate Results 33rd State Senate District - Primary
100% Chris Kapenga 28,837
Paul Farrow 31,843

Source:FOX6 News, Waukesha County Clerk's Office

W . Benz November 07, 2012 at 09:25 PM
Who's Megyn Kelly ? is she on tv 6 .
Bernard Forand November 08, 2012 at 04:03 PM
Craig has a fetish for his ass. Ahh but then he is a republican. Nothing new there. Off on another delusional illusional of make believe facts. DUH nothing is free! That’s a mythical Rushing Roving Fox chasing the melodies of their pied piper. They couldn’t get the fiddler for they OWE too much for what they have not paid for. Multitrillions of UNappropriated taxes that they keep handing over to the democrats. Little facts like that which is beyond your comprehension is why you knuckle draggers lost. What simple facts democrats were very well aware of, republicans were totally ignorant of them. We need a greater education of these knuckle draggers. A blight on our USA, they be…
Bernard Forand November 08, 2012 at 04:07 PM
Change is a long time in coming. Globalization is promoting similar forces, of the Civil Rights movements of the past. Humanity is slowly gaining in its demands for the suppression of inequality. Technology, by its nature, demonstrates our abilities to communicate solutions to necessities. Standards of life from all segments, are raised. Evolutionary forces dictate our fate. Opposition to the science of evolution may be greater than the change but if the change is a necessity of survival, it will continue to emerge until it is assimilated. Observing present political diversity within the republican party, demonstrates how evolution manifest itself. Rifts and segmentations’ become more pronounced. Instability increases. Fracturing occurs promoting the birth of two or more political entities


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