Election 2013: Who's Running for Local Positions?

Two seats on the Greenfield and Whitnall school boards will be available in the April 2013 election. And Mayor Michael Neitzke's second term also expires.

Updated: 9 a.m. Dec. 13

As of Wednesday, Dec. 12, no candidates for the two vacant seats on both the Greenfield School Board or Whitnall School Board had emerged, according to employees in each district.

According to Greenfield NOW story, Greenfield board incumbents Rick Moze and Don Carlson and Whitnall board incumbents Richard Kollauf and Stephanie Richter were all undecided about running again.

Candidates have until 5 p.m. Jan. 2, to enter the race.

For the latest news in either district, click on the following links:

Original story: Think the election cycle is finally in the past? Maybe not.

The April 2013 spring election is a little more than four months away, with a primary, if necessary, already in February.

And while that still seems far off, candidates for the Greenfield and Whitnall school boards, and those interested in the city's mayor seat, can begin filing candidacy papers as soon as next Monday.

Two seats available in Greenfield

For the Greenfield School Board, the seats of Don Carlson and Rick Moze will be up for election in April.

Carlson, a former city alderperson, has been on the board since 2010, when he was the top vote-getter among four candidates.

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Moze was elected to the board in 2009 but lost a re-election bid in April 2012, to .

Moze returned to the board in August, however, when board members voted him in to replace Dave Richlen, who resigned two months earlier.

Those interest can candidacy papers between Dec. 3, through 5 p.m. Jan. 2, 2013. Candidates are not required to receive nomination signatures; they simply must return forms in the candidate information packets available online or weekdays in the district’s administrative offices, 4850 S. 60th St., beginning Dec. 3.

The term of office is three years beginning on April 22, 2013. Annual compensation is currently $4,200.

Two in Whitnall as well

In the Whitnall District, the seats of clerk Stephanie Richter and Richard Kollauf will be up for election.

Ricther joined the board in 2010 and is finishing her first term.

Similarly to Moze in Greenfield, Kollauf returned to the Whitnall board earlier this month to replace Suzette Larson, who resigned in September. Kollauf had been a board member for 12 years before choosing not to run in 2010.

Whitnall School Board members also serve three-year terms and make $3,200 a year.

Candidate forms will be available in the district office, 5000 S. 116th St.

If there are more than four candidates in either school board race, a primary election will be held on Feb. 19, 2013.

Will Neitzke seek third term?

In city government, all five alderpersons are in mid-term, but Mayor Michael Neitzke’s seat does become available in April. Neitzke has been mayor since 2005.

The mayor’s term is for four years.

Those interested in running for mayor are asked to call the city clerk’s office (414) 329-5219 for candidate packet information.

KHD November 27, 2012 at 09:26 PM
I know people on the Greenfield school board are fed up with serving, having to deal with Conrad Farner. But, stay the course and lets get a new superintendant, show Conrad the door when his contract is up. Then we can move forward. I especially hope Rick Moze decides to run again.
KHD November 28, 2012 at 09:40 AM
Also, I think the Mayor has done a great job over the years. I will support him 100%


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