Two Women Charged for Stealing Thousands of Dollars Worth of Merchandise from Target

Suspects, who are repeat offenders, would allegedly fill shopping carts with items and walk them out the front door of the store.

Two Milwaukee women are facing charges after they allegedly stole thousands of dollars of merchandise from on multiple occasions.

Cassie M. Bentley, 25, and Bianca I. Mays, 24, were charged with a combined six counts of retail theft for stealing the items between October 2010 and Feburary. If convicted, Bentley faces up to 45 months in prison and $50,000 in fines, while Mays faces up to nine months and $10,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint, Bentley and Mays would fill up shopping carts with hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise and push them out the front door of the store without paying for items. A security officer, who had tracked them stealing merchandise was able to identify five other occasions where they had tried to steal a combined total of $3,000 worth of merchandise, but got frightened off and left the items in the store.

On Feb. 18, officers were called to the store while the two were shoplifting and were apprehended. On the day they were arrested, officers found $761 worth of items in their cart they had planned to steal.


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