Police Warn of Scam Targeting Seniors

Callers pose as distressed grandchildren and attempt to swindle thousands from worried seniors.

It’s a devious stunt that’s been pulled on seniors before, and criminals are attempting to do it again in Menomonee Falls.

On at least two occasions recently, swindlers are posing as grandchildren to get cash from worried seniors.

According to a release posted on the village’s website, the mode of operation used by the criminals is as follows:

A call is placed to the home phone of the senior citizen. The caller identifies himself as a grandson, who is distressed and crying from injuries suffered in a car accident. The caller requests the grandparent to make a wire transfer of hundreds or thousands of dollars to a distant location to pay off an insurance company or facilitate his release from jail.

Fearing for the well-being of their grandson, the victim acts impulsively and follows instructions provided by another person involved in the scam.

If you should ever receive a call from a relative or anyone in distress, do not panic. Verify and identify who is calling and its origination. Check with other relatives and friends. If you are still in doubt, contact the police at 532-8700 to help guide you through the stressful situation.

Nuitari (Grand Master Editor) December 19, 2012 at 12:24 PM
They still pull this one? Must be working though.
Nico December 19, 2012 at 02:54 PM
Got me again


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