Police Arrest Another Snoozing, Drunken Driver

Police arrested a drunken driver earlier in August for sleeping behind the wheel.

Menomonee Falls residents, please keep your eyes peeled while driving on the roads - and try not to fall asleep. 

For the second time in August, Falls police arrested a drunken who was sleeping behind the wheel. At 4:20 a.m. Sunday, police received multiple calls about a man apparently sleeping in his running vehicle on Old Orchard Road. Police found the man sleeping in his vehicle, in the right turning lane, with his foot on the brake. 

The man had blood-shot eyes and slurred speech, and subsequently blew a 0.12 during a breath test. Officers also found nine baggies of marijuana, four baggies of cocaine and a marijuana pipe in the vehicle. He was sent to jail on a probation hold. 

Earlier in August, police arrested another drunken driver that had fallen asleep while in his vehicle near Pilgrim Road and Good Hope Road. 

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