2 Men Fight In Street Over Fourth of July Parade Spot

Two men were cited for disorderly conduct after fighting in the street over a spot for the Menomonee Falls Fourth of July parade.

The fireworks started a day early for two parade-goers, who got in a scuffle in the middle of Appleton Avenue Tuesday during the annual "Land Grab" for the best spots in the Menomonee Falls Fourth of July parade. 

Just minutes after police gave the crowd the go-ahead to stake out their spots along the Independence Day parade route, two men got into a heated dispute about a particular plot of land in the median near Homestead Drive. 

The conflict was caught on camera by Falls Cable AccessThey mounted a small camera onto a remote-controlled helicopter to get the shot. 

According to a Menomonee Falls Police Department report: 

It all started at roughly 6:40 p.m. when one of the parade-goers confronted an officer demanding they be allowed to stake out a large area for the parade. The subject told the officer they deserved a large area because they had been camped out along the roadway since 4 p.m., and had been watching the festivities from that particular spot for 15 years. 

The officer told the subject to wait until 7 p.m. like everyone else - despite their veteran land-grabbing status. 

The subject didn't like that response. 

The person then challenged the officer, and asked how much a citation would be if they simply walked out and staked out the spot before everyone else. The subject was advised to conduct themselves in an orderly manner, and set a good example for the children. 

However, when the staking started, the veteran land-grabber saw another person staking out his traditional spot. He then pulled out the stakes and threw them onto Appleton Avenue. 

At about that time, an officer suddenly heard three women screaming, and saw three men in the middle of the road. As one of the men tried to get up, he started coming toward the officer, and was taken down. 

At several points in a conversation with police, one of the men repeatedly interjected by saying, "How stupid...for a parade." An officer could detect the mild smell of alcohol on one of the men. 

Both men were issued citations for disorderly conduct. 

FCAC July 09, 2013 at 06:35 PM
Not that it deserves a response... Not private when you are in the middle of the street, We did have permission to tape and checked all Village ordinances. The footage was B-Roll for the parade intro. The man taping was an unpaid volunteer and it was his camera. The only thing that would be considered liable would be the accusation that footage was sold. Make sure you stay clear of peoples cell phones because they can provide better footage in seconds. Please provide anything you have to substantiate the payment. Never even spoke to WISN as they got footage from Patch through their community partnership.
DL July 09, 2013 at 11:30 PM
Here's what I find disturbing Carl....we as a society rely on the media to bring us accurate and reliable details with what is going on in our community, our state, our nation and the world. This story you wrote IS NOT accurate and completely misleading. I know because I was there. For those of you disgusted at what happened, I would like to know what you would do after waiting for 3 hours for a spot, just let 'em have it? Not go? The "out of towner"...who claimed to not be a "good old Falls boy" didn't want to deal and it was clear he wanted that spot and was willing to "fight" for it. A discussion was had with a police officer on duty AND with a police aide - neither chose to speak with the late comer until the two were in the middle of Appleton Ave. I think much of this could be avoided by extending the parade route and if i had to auction for a spot...my days of attending the parade and festivities would come to a quick halt. Lastly for those of you who find 40 spots grossly exaggerated...this was for multiple households, all of whom were having a get together and Becca...it was for the children...
Brian Sippel July 10, 2013 at 06:04 PM
villiage ordinances, what about state law, what about federal law...... pretty sure you are good to go, but did you get the consent of those people that were fighting? i think there is a fine line here..
Amy July 10, 2013 at 06:44 PM
One person should not be allowed to rope off an area for 40 people, that's ridiculous! We live right off Appleton and we make it a point to be out of town over the 4th because of all the commotion on Appleton. I like the rule in Wauwatosa where you are allowed to come out and get your spot 2 hours before the parade. That leaves us with only 1 day of chaos instead of 2
Gregory Kluck July 15, 2013 at 05:51 PM
The city should just rent parcels that one can claim for their use on that day, just like a spot in a park. Doesn't have to be expensive, just enough to cover costs of forms and such. You display your permit at the location and enjoy the parade. Others on here are right about other cities. I lived in Santa Barbara for eight years and that city has several parades through the year. Only people who get dibs on a spot are the people who live at that spot. Everyone else just finds a vacant area and sits there an hour or so before parade time.


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