Firefighters Raise $1,000 An Hour for Muscular Dystrophy

Falls' "Fill-the-Boot" campaign was a success in just four hours.

Although it’s their job to put out fires, Menomonee Falls firefighters were on fire last week – in a good way.

A group of about 24 Fall firefighters raised $4,568 for its “Fill-the-Boot” campaign on Labor Day. Firefighters were stationed near Appleton Avenue and Main Street, and at Silver Spring Drive and Pilgrim Road. They raised the money in just about four hours. Falls firefighter Nick Coon organized the campaign.

“What’s impressive is that they were able to get that amount of money in less than four hours. The community was very generous,” said Fire Chief Jeffrey Hevey.

All donations benefit local MDA clients, helping to send children and young adults to MDA Summer Camp in Camp Lake, purchase and repair wheelchairs, and facilitate support groups and clinic visits at Children’s Hospital and Community Memorial Hospital.

The International Association of Fire Fighters (I.A.F.F.), representing fire departments across the country, raised $27.2 million of the MDA's total $61.4 million fundraising in 2011. This is the IAFF's 57th year supporting the MDA.


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