Falls Man to Brookfield Cop: 'I'm Not a Bad Person, I Just Smoke a Lot of Pot'

Brookfield police say they found seven bags of marijuana in trunk of Falls man's car.

A Menomonee Falls man is facing charges after he allegedly was caught driving under the influence in Brookfield with seven bags of marijuana in his vehicle trunk.

James H. Eckels III, 21, was charged in Waukesha County Circuit Court Wednesday with one count of second offense possession of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

According to the criminal complaint:

Eckels was pulled over by a Brookfield police officer near Sunnyslope Road and Eastmoor Drive at 12:40 a.m. Jan. 25, after he was driving too close to the center line. When he rolled down his window the officer immediately smelled marijuana, but Eckels told the officer he was “crazy” because he doesn’t smoke the drug.

Eckels failed a field sobriety test and was placed under arrest for OWI. The officer searched his car, finding seven bags of marijuana in the truck, weighing a total of 10.53 grams.

Eckels told the officer he purchased the marijuana for personal consumption at a hotel party slated to take place at Days Inn. The officer said Eckels explained that “he’s not a bad person, he just smokes a lot of pot.”

Eckels will make his first court appearance April 2.

William Eib February 18, 2012 at 08:39 AM
For all of you states rights advocates and haters of Obama based on his having no right to tell a state what to do. Check this out for States Rights intrusion, the conservative members of the U.S. Supreme Court has blocked the Montana Supreme Court's decision in December upholding the state's century-old ban on corporate political spending. So Conservative states rights advocates how does this sit with you. A Century old law struck down by SCOTUS, because it challenges their lame Citizens United Ruling. The Right can't make up it's mind where it stands on anything. Typical. GOP can't govern and can't rule on the law without Effing up!!! Montana has had the law on the books for 100 years, due to their historical experience with large business contributions to political campaigns and the corruption it brought with it. Sounds mighty contemporary doesn't it???
William Eib February 18, 2012 at 08:44 AM
It strikes me as strange how much the Teahadists shout down issues that effect them negatively because it comes from the Negro in the White House. The most severe form of cutting off your own nose to spite your face. I'm for it. Obama's for it. I'm against it. The flip flopping-est group of folks in the world, should be acrobats in a circus.
William Eib February 18, 2012 at 11:43 AM
The one thing they don’t talk about anywhere (at least in government circles) is why pot is illegal in the first place. The main reason it is illegal is because back in the 30′s William Randolph Hearst owned a lot of newspapers and owned the paper mills that printed the paper. Hemp (which of course is not exactly the same thing as marijuana but is commonly associated and lumped together with it) was competing with his paper production so he rallied his friends in power (government) and finally made it illegal in 1937. I don’t think a lot of people know this. The interesting part is that when the case was originally brought before congress the prosecutor (Anslinger) claimed that it caused violence, attacks, delerium, death and was only used by poor black people (jazz musicians I believe). When the topic came back up in the 50′s the same guy (Anslinger) told congress a totally different story. Now his tale said that it should be illegal because it caused mellowness and apathy. He said the communists would try to use it against our youth in a bid to corrupt America. I have read a little about the “reefer madness” propaganda campaign that led to the 1937 prohibition of marijuana. It was fueled in large part by racism, and the uneasiness lots of white people felt about what might be going on in those dens-of-sin jazz clubs and hot houses.
Bill D February 22, 2012 at 06:39 AM
I have to throw in with William.. the same arguments that Nate uses against legalizing Marijuana are the same arguements used to propel prohibition in the first place. "Lets keep it illegal because someone may hurt themselves or someone else." There are consequences for DUI's... there will also be consequences if someone drives under the influence of Pot if it's legal. This is the same kind of narrow thinking that made it so there are no more see-saws, jungle gyms or diving boards anyplace . If YOU don't want to smoke pot, then don't. If you don't want to drink, then don't. I live in Texas; we can't by alcohol on Sunday's... it's makes me so mad! If you don't think it's right to buy alcohol on a Sunday, then Don't! why do people feel the need to force their own ideas of right/wrong on others? Worry about yourself, Haters! FYI, I don't smoke pot, I used to decades ago, but I hate the way it makes me feel. Even still, I could care less if the guy next door smokes it. At least then, I know he's probably going to be too mellowed out to come and start trouble with me. ; )
William Eib February 22, 2012 at 07:00 AM
BillD: I paid my way through college selling an illegal weed, (could not have attended w/o so) to all of my fellow law breakers, many of whom are lawyers, doctors, Cops, ministers and all doing just fine. No heroin addicts, no bank robbers, no hit and run drivers. I lost interest in pot as I got older, still like a glass of Whiskey now and then, Spent time in Georgia a few months back got that urge for Whiskey unfortunately it was a Sunday. No Booze in GA on Sunday. Next time I bring my own.


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