Cabbage Patch Caper Busted When Man Comes Home Mid-Burglary

Falls woman faces charges after she allegedly took items from a man's garage, but claims she thought it was her friend's condo.

A 32-year-old Menomonee Falls woman is facing burglary charges after she allegedly was caught taking items out of an area condominium garage.

Sara M. Waters was charged in Waukesha County Circuit Court Wednesday with one count of burglary. If convicted, she faces up to 12 ½ years in prison and $25,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

At 7:30 p.m. Monday, a man living in the W12900 block of Fond Du Lac Avenue left his condo and when he returned at 11:30 p.m., he saw Waters standing in his garage with the lights on holding a tote. When she saw him coming toward her, Waters walked out of the garage with the tote, but the man followed her.

He shouted to Waters that she had been in his garage and she responded saying she was there to pick up some Cabbage Patch dolls and a man named Brad had said it was OK. The man said he didn’t know anyone named Brad or about the pick up, so Waters apologized and returned the dolls saying she must have had the wrong garage.

The man pressed her further and Waters then gave a fake name and cell phone number to the man and said she needed to get her cell phone to call Brad. The man then called a woman who owned the items Waters had been trying to take and she said she also didn’t know Brad and that the police should be called.

The man told Waters to wait until police officers arrived, but she refused and began to walk off. The man followed her until she disappeared into the darkness.

When officers arrived, they canvassed the area and found drawers for a jewelry box near some bushes, which came from an antique jewelry collection that had been in the garage. The woman on the phone said the items were hers and later determined about $500 in items had been taken.

Waters was determined to be a suspect in the case and the man identified her from a photo lineup. They went to her house the next day where they arrested her and at the time said she could only be charged with criminal trespass. Her husband told police he got into an argument with his wife the night before, so she walked off and came home later and told him she had been in someone’s garage without their permission.

Waters told police she believed the condo unit was owned by a friend named Brad who she had talked to about having a rummage sale, so she went there to take some of the items out of his garage to take home with her.

She’s currently free on $2,500 bond while awaiting trial.    

frewton denberg mcswoop September 28, 2012 at 06:59 AM
i understand how someone could get in the wrong garage. i once meant to take my friends bicycle to ride home and got into a 2011 cadillac instead. that was a close one. so i can see how this woman could get confused.


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