Letter to the Editor: Brookfield Native Running Against Jim Sensenbrenner

Dave Heaster, born and raised in Brookfield and now living in Sussex, says he will take a fresh approach to politics if he defeats Jim Sensenbrenner. He still needs more signatures by Thursday to get on the ballot.

Dear Editor, 

I don’t have delusions that I am going to come in and win easily against Republican incumbent Jim Sensenbrenner. However, I would not have entered the race if I didn’t think I could win.

And now is the time - in light of recent laws passed by the Wisconsin GOP such as The Castle DoctrineConcealed Carry, and the gutting of the Equal Pay Enforcement Act. GOP legislators are clinging to their ideology and the things they come up with are almost insane. It's like they WANT to lose. :)

As for me, I'm running on a platform of “logic and ethics.” I will focus on transparency by using technology to bring constituents into the decision-making process. Real representation means participatory democracy with actively engaged citizens. We need to end "Legislation without Representation!"

Born and raised in Brookfield, Wisconsin, I grew up in a classically middle-class family. Dad sold insurance and mom worked in the deli at Kohl’s grocery store. She was a member of the Butcher’s Union Local 73. I was lucky enough to be able to go to college (Go, Blue Golds!) and the more education I received, the more progressive I became.

Here's a rapid fire description of my stance on some key issues: pro-collective bargaining rights, pro-worker, pro-environmental protections, pro-education, pro-science, pro-separation of church and state,  pro-choice, and pro-equal rights for all. As I see it, this is the only way to live.

Some may find me a bit unorthodox. I'm definitely the anti-Sensenbrenner.

Contrary to popular belief, Democrats are not about overspending and living beyond our means. We worry about the debt as much as the next guy. Republicans call us the tax and spend Democrats, but they are tax cut and spend… if you’re a fiscal conservative, why would you give tax cuts and then start wars? It doesn’t make any sense.

We are also not anti-business; I am very pro-business. If you’re pro-business and for a strong economy, it doesn’t mean you have to vote Republican. Government does need to be fiscally responsible, and some things about government do need to change, but by the same token, we’re a modern day society, and modern day societies should have a certain amount of government, a certain amount of programs to help people. We don’t want to live in the Wild West. That’s not a way to run a country, and no place where I want my kid's kids to grow up in.   

So, how do I intend to do the impossible and oust Big Jim? Own the youth vote, talk with women and ask them if they’re happy with their representation and talk with our elders and ensure them that I will protect Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. My mom enjoys these basic benefits, and I only hope that I don't have to burden my kids with taking care of their old man.

Some may find me a bit unorthodox. I'm definitely the anti-Sensenbrenner. An elder statesman of Generation X. Now is the time to get up and do something. I’m going to run on what I believe and people will either buy into it or they won’t.


Dave Heaster
Twitter: @20dave12
Facebook: dave4congress  

Jerry May 30, 2012 at 04:17 PM
It will be tough, how can I help. The Big Bully Jim needs to go. 30 years driving the bus off the road and into a ditch, and still blaming everyone and everything but himself. He is one nasty piece of work. Good luck Dave. Jerry-Brookfield
Randy1949 May 30, 2012 at 04:25 PM
I'll second that. If you need a signature, you've got it.
Tom May 31, 2012 at 03:47 PM
-Thought I would comment but you are already doing plenty to burn your own bridge!


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