Saving Time? Not if You're Time Warner

Like to save time and get more things done? This isn't what Time Warner wants you to think. They are trying to eliminate the Fast Forward option with DVR's.

Like to save time and get more things done?  This isn't what Time Warner wants you to think. 

Another network is trying to eliminate the Fast Forward option with DVR's and trying to sue other companies to show paid ads to consumers.  I can see if you are some company wanting to make commercials about "paid" endorsements, which I think if you need to pay someone who uses your product to promote it, it must not be that great. 

I don't need to watch someone else tell me what they think, especially when you don't know if they use it, and are paid.  

Maybe Time Warner will take a hit when you can't FF through the commercials and you will have to sit and wait and bring on the food.  Yup, I will sue because I gained weight or maybe since I went in debt buying all the products you are throwing at me.  You wonder why more people download movies and TV shows, they do want to get away from the commercial nonsense.

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"While Time Warner Cable has developed technology that could prevent  subscribers from skipping ads in programs stored on a DVR, it's unlikely that it  will disable trick modes any time soon. Disabling the fast-forward function on a  DVR would likely spark a backlash from subscribers, and make it more difficult  for Time Warner Cable to compete with DirecTV (Nasdaq:  DTV), Verizon (NYSE:  VZ) and other multichannel providers that distribute DVRs that allow  subscribers to skip commercials.

But Time Warner Cable has already begun to disable the fast-forward function  in some of the digital cable products that it offers to subscribers, including  its "Look Back" and "Start Over" features. The patent refers to Look Back, a  service that allows Time Warner's digital cable subscribers that forget to  record a program on a DVR to access the program within three days of its  premiere date. The Look Back feature is available in programming from networks  owned by Discovery Communications, A&E Networks, NBC Universal, Showtime and  Food Network."

While they didn't do this yet, I can't stand they don't give you the option on the Lookback, it actually makes me shy away from using that since that doesn't give me any benefit or time savings, so it makes it worthless and makes you want to go on hulu.com, which you might get an ad or 2 for 30 seconds vs 3-5 minutes of garbage.

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Randy1949 June 25, 2012 at 04:40 PM
I watch commercials because I don't have DVR capability. Or I go do something else for that five minutes. But even without DVR, there's still the old-fashioned VCR with fast forward, so advertisers have no assurance their spots are being watched anyway.
CowDung June 25, 2012 at 04:57 PM
I imagine that the technology exists to track the number of views that a given commercial might be getting. A DVR (or cable box for that matter) can send all kinds of viewing habit information back to the 'mother ship'...
Nicole July 18, 2012 at 04:54 AM
Trick mode sounds like an extreme sports category – lol! I actually heard about this at work today from one of my co-workers at Dish in the tech department, but I refused to believe him. Why on Earth would Time Warner Cable want to eliminate the choice for their subscribers to skip over commercials? I wonder if they realize that they’re going to lose masses of subscribers to Dish if they go through with this. Dish’s Auto Hop feature is giving people what they want, and that’s the choice of an easier way to skip French-fry-flaunting commercials and other annoying ads. I knew I had it good with Dish, but now I know I’m getting the best for what I pay for.
Alol July 18, 2012 at 06:05 AM
All I want is WISN-12 returned to my basic cable lineup. I guess that's asking too much. To Bren and anyone else who has the ATT U-verse dish, how is that working out for you? Isn't having a dish a pain in the butt when the wind blows? I just think the dish would be less reliable, like I'd have to be out on the roof adjusting it to get a clear picture.
Nicole July 27, 2012 at 09:56 PM
@AWL, in all the years I’ve had Dish I’ve never had to go out onto my roof to adjust my satellite. I live in Colorado where it can snow quite a bit, and through snow and wind, I still get a great HD picture.


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