To Live Like He Died

Every knows about His life, but few understand His death.

I was asked the other day, “Why do Christians celebrate the day the Jews killed some guy?” in reference to the worship services held on Good Friday.  As a Christian, I never shy away from theological discussion especially when people who are not Christians begin asking questions.  I responded by pointing out that we are recognizing the sacrifice Jesus made for us by dying on the cross.  That short interaction made me think whether others understand the purpose of Good Friday.

A quick search in Youtube will reveal many street interviews asking passersby what they think of Jesus.  There are a lot of very common answers that come up.  ‘He was a good man.’  ‘He was a great teacher.’  ‘He loved people.’  ‘He brought a message of peace.’  All of those answers relate to His life.  No one ever comments on how He died.

While I will admit, there is much about the life of Jesus we can acknowledge as good.  Even scholars of his day recognized him as a good man.  For Christians and many non-Christians, the life of Jesus is one to emulate.  Many quote “Love your neighbor as yourself” in their attempt to teach others a guide for morality.  The teachings of Jesus are very dear to me; however, the truer meaning in His life is that he lived it perfectly.  More then His teachings; His perfect and innocent life is why His death becomes important.

The last days in the life of Jesus never come up on those street interviews.  Although I would wager 95% of the country knows He died on a cross.  Yet, no one ever suggest that we should live as he died.

The death of Jesus holds a twofold sacrifice.  First, God the Father gave His Son to the world to save it in order that we might live with him in heaven.  Second, Jesus sacrificed his own life to the same people that were nailing him to the cross.  I saw a painting once of man holding a hammer in one hand and a nail in the.  He is slumped forward under the heavy burden of these two objects.  Behind him, holding him up is Jesus.  Loving the one who put Him on the cross.  Me!

The video I have loaded on this blog comes from a Czech film, The Most (The Bridge).  A person has taken some key moments from the video and edited them together in an effort to portray the scenes of Good Friday.  The little boy is Jesus with his Father in the bridge control booth.  The Father is faced with an impossible question.  Save one at the expense of all or save all at the expense of one.

Most people on that train may never know what happened on that bridge.  The true cost of their train ride.  Not unlike many on this planet that may never know the true cost of their life.  Yet, if you do know, are you willing to sacrifice for Him.  The girl on train knew what happened and gave up what might have been the most important thing in her life.  To live as Jesus died is to live for others.  Not just love your neighbor, but live for your neighbor in love.

I have hesitated from being a Bible thumper on my blog.  However, having seen this video, I knew it was worth sharing during this Easter Season.  Whether or not you are a Christian, the story of Jesus’ life and death are an excellent guide.  In the end, who knows, maybe you will realize the cost of your train ride.

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Brian Carlson May 31, 2012 at 02:59 AM
Yes..completely agree. I think JB thinks of myth as nearly synonymous with fable....I understand Campbell's description and agree. The concern is that there was an historic Jesus... but there is also very symbolic writing in the Old and New Testaments, poetry in many cases, but indicative of deeper truths. Relative to the thread...who killed Jesus? Certainly not the Jews. Not even some Jews. According to what I get out of the writings... God killed Jesus. To go by the NT...it HAD to happen...the sacrifice. Now that is something to meditate on. Like Abraham going after Isaac I guess. Not something we are particularly comfortable with these days. I have been a believer all my life, but in various religions and teachings. It gets more and more confusing, I "know" far less than I used to. The bottom line now for me is, "help people as much as possible with whatever light you have."
Lyle Ruble May 31, 2012 at 03:44 AM
@Brian Carlson...Just as the hand of Abraham was stayed from sacrificing his son, it is inconceivable that G-d would sacrifice, since there was a prohibition of human sacrifice. Although there is a historical Jesus, he said very little and didn't write anything. All that has been written was by others and what do we really know some two millennia later. For example, how could Jesus be a direct descendent of the house of David through Joseph's line when by this time heredity was matrilineal. There are one issue after another that brings many, if not most, narratives into question.
J. B. Schmidt June 01, 2012 at 03:26 AM
@Brian When determining how to understand the passages of the bible, you must allow scripture to interpret scripture. Since after eating the fruit (as a point of accuracy, the bible never mentions apple) A&E did not immediately die and their life in the garden was sustained by the Tree of Life (which is why they were cast out); hence, your question must be interpreted as a spiritual death. As for Revelation, one must also look at context. Having just spent the better part of the last 6 months studying Revelation, I can tell you that much of what is assumed about Revelation is people reading to deeply into the passages. Much of Revelation is symbolic because much is the vision of John; that however, has no impact on the what else is written with the bible. Your lobotomy reference is typical of one that understands little of Christianity other the surface understanding. It is not unlike one claiming Islam is a religion of hate. It is easier to dismiss what is written in the bible as myth and poetry then come face to face with its examination of ones soul.
J. B. Schmidt June 01, 2012 at 03:44 AM
@Lyle Why could Mary not be a descendent of king David?
Lyle Ruble June 01, 2012 at 04:00 AM
@J.B. Schmidt...If she was, why isn't her genealogy listed? If you go by the Christian scriptures, Joseph wasn't even his real father. Therefore, how can he be of the House of David even through Joseph. Jews used matrilineal, but Greeks and Romans used Patrilineal. Another piece of trivia; there are two Bethlehems, one located in the Galilee and the other southeast of Jerusalem. Even if Jesus was born in Bethlehem, most likely it was in the north in Galilee and not the city of David.


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