The Most Read Stories of 2012 on Menomonee Falls Patch

Elections dominated the top five stories on Menomonee Falls Patch, and many were viewed by a national audience.

For the last few days, we have been looking back at the most popular stories of the year on Menomonee Falls Patch. After reviewing the top business, crime and education stories — and comprising a list of the "editor's choice" — here are the stories that were seen by the most eyeballs.

Not surprisingly, the elections of 2012 commanded the most attention from readers in the state and across the country. Your Menomonee Falls Patch editor wrote many of the stories that soon spread from Wisconsin to the rest of the nation.Therefore, most of the top five stories have nothing to do with Menomonee Falls!    

However, here’s a look at those stories that were read en masse.  

5. Tea Party Enters the Wisconsin Recall Fray  

Both the Republican and Democratic parties of Wisconsin set up their own vetting and verification operations to ensure only valid signatures were counted during the recall petition process. However, there was a new guest joining the recall party, and they were sure all their “I’s”  were dotted and their “Teas” were crossed.  

4. Wife Attacks Husband After Finding Copies of The Onion in Car  

The Shepherd Express and The Onion are iconic Wisconsin publications well known for their alternative views and humor. However, when one man's wife found issues of those two papers in his trunk, it incited an incident that could very well be mistaken for a headline in The Onion.  

3. How Many Recall Signatures Have Been Collected So Far? Organizers Aren't Saying  

Groups leading effort to remove Gov. Scott Walker from office wouldn’t give any more signature updates until petitions were turned in Jan. 17.  

2. Walker Backers Mount Effort To Write In Governor's Name in Democratic Recall Primary  

A growing group of Walker supporters hoped to spoil Democrats' recall party by writing in the Republican's name in a potential primary.  

1. Scott Walker to Paul Ryan: 'Just Be Yourself'

"The only thing I would tell Paul Ryan is, 'to be yourself.' Those would be my simple words," Walker told Patch in November before the debate. "Paul Ryan is at his best when he is himself and in his element. He’s a man who can be aggressive, but also respectful."

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