How Do You Celebrate the True Meaning of Christmas?

For Christians, giving gifts is a reminder of the gift of the birth of a savior. Here's how some area residents reflect on the real meaning of Christmas.

With the flurry of presents, cookie baking, parties and time spent with the relatives, it’s easy to forget why we celebrate Christmas. Traditions passed down over the years can sometimes make us forget why Dec. 25 is a special day on the calendar.

Christmas used to be a pagan holiday, but Christians turned it into a holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ.

The season of giving, for the Christian faith, is a reminder of the ultimate gift – the birth of a savior who would die for our sins. We give gifts to show our love for our friends and relatives, just as God showed his love through the birth of his son.

While not everyone holds to the Christian faith, the holidays have become a time of giving back to others and to reflect on what’s important in life. Whether that reflection is done around a fireplace with family or at a church service with candles, people can take time away from the busyness of the season.

Patch readers weighed in on the true meaning of Christmas and shared how they celebrate the holiday season:

  • "Peace, family, food" — Becca Levine
  • "Christmas made Easter possible, or better put, the birth of a baby in Bethlehem made the Atonement of Christ for all of my sin and sorrow a reality. Christmas is the gift from a loving Heavenly Father to all of His children." — Michele Olcott Divelbiss
  • "The celebration of Christ being born!" — Heather Leaders
  • "Spending time with my family that I don't necessarily see all year long." — Brittany Feltz
  • "It means me and Jesus get to celebrate our birthdays." — Joe Fritz

How do you celebrate the true meaning of Christmas? Tell us in the comments.


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