Is Scott Walker gearing up for another round?

It's all about jobs. But what might that mean from the Governor this year?

If writing the book taught me anything, it was finally understanding the chronology of Act 10. How it was introduced. How the concept was stealth until it was in the legislature.

I know our governor has publicly proclaimed he wants a little peace, love, and understanding for our state. I also know he’s freaking just a little bit over the lack of jobs creation.

Check the calendar. It’s that time of year. And here’s a prediction I haven’t seen anyone else make: We’re going to be looking at right to work.

Especially since he said we would not. Especially since there seems to be jackpooey on the legislative calendar. Especially since he wants the mining bill put through.

Jobs, jobs, jobs, right to work, jobs.

That only happens if Scott Walker and his Republican allies in both the Assembly and the Senate finish what they started.


I visit with a number of different people to find content for this blog. One of them had some particularly clever insights for me today. He’d expect a rewrite of the workman’s compensation laws through this next budget. He also said it would be helpful if Walker followed through on his plan to remove duplicate organizations and laws. His example was that equal rights was entirely duplicated by EEOC and thus the laws and those tied to the administration of equal rights could go without any change to the outcome.

Streamlining the laws of employment will help with the Governor’s jobs goal.


We should start hearing about Walker’s State of the State address soon, it’s scheduled for Tuesday, January 15th at 7:00 p.m. There were nuances in the 2011 version that predicted the legislative changes for Act 10 and the subsequent budget Act 32. (Read the book!) I suspect we should be listening very carefully.

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Randy1949 January 11, 2013 at 04:37 PM
Right to work? Even though we were assured that private sector union busting was not on Gov. Walker's mind during the Act 10 brouhaha? It was only those evil PUBLIC sector unions he was after, because they were paid by the taxpayers.
DICK STEINBERG January 14, 2013 at 12:16 AM
There are vast legal consequences between the federal EEOC and the state ERD. I know because as an Attorney I handle cases in both. In my opinion the state ERD does a better job for the claimants because there is a local understanding of the situation. The EEOC is more interested in class action lawsuits in federal court. The state ERD allows an appeal to state courts. Insurance companies and medical providors profit the most from workers compensation case as the attorney fees range from $250 per case to 20% of the undisputed amount of compensation. WC benefits are paid pursuant to a fixed schedule and is far less than damages in a personal injury case because there is no claim for pain and suffering. The insurers of the employers control the process and the outcome. Some employers get away with paying nothing because they do not have insurance and are rarely punished. Employees injured at work are often mistreated in an effort to get rid of them. Any proposed changes should be carefully watched.


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