Sentry Closing in January

Sentry has provided notice to Mount Pleasant that it will be permanently closing its doors in January.

Albrecht Foods Racine, which operates the Sentry grocery store at 5740 Washington Ave., will permanently close in January. 

About 60 people will lose their jobs, according to the notice Albrecht Foods sent Mount Pleasant on Wednesday, as required by state statute. The anticipated last day of employment for all affected employees will be Jan. 11. The state Department of Workforce Development has not yet received the notice. 

Employees were notified of the closing on Wednesday. 

Greg Schilz, general manager of the store, said that because of the economy the store had struggled for several years, but with Walmart being built across the street they couldn't remain open.

“Racine has been very slow to recover,” Schilz said. “We never really got off to the start we intended and needed to be a viable business. We’ve been struggling and now with the addition of Walmart in an already overcrowded market place, we had to make a very difficult business decision.

“We appreciate the opportunity to have had a store in Racine. We’re sorry this didn’t work out and that we couldn’t provide a healthy, viable entity for our employees.”

Jody and Sunday Muniz own Nutritional Designs & Pharmacy inside the store. On Facebook, they assured their customers that while they will need to find a new location, they have no intention of closing.

Late last night we were notified that Sentry Foods will be closing their doors January 11, 2013. As this is terrible news, rest assured Nutritional Designs & Pharmacy remains passionately committed to remaining ambassadors for the local community, with regards to Pharmacy and Wellness Solutions. Although Sentry's misfortune affects us, we are a strong, vibrant company and have NO intentions of closing. We will continue to posts updates as our strategic planning allows.

The intersection of Highways 20 and 31 currently has three grocery stores—Sentry, GFS Marketplace and Piggly Wiggly—and a Walmart Neighborhood Market is expected to open next year on the fourth corner.

In May, Patch reported that a market study commissioned by owners of the local Sentry and Piggly Wiggly stores said the new Walmart "would eventually prove fatal to both The Pig, Sentry and, potentially, the Pick-n-Save on Rapids Drive." 

“I was at every one of the meetings where Walmart was on the agenda and spoke at most,” Schilz said. “The biggest hurdle was rezoning, and I asked them not to vote and they did. That became the hook they needed to get the store.”

Albrecht Foods also owns a Sentry store in Delafield, which will remain open.


UPDATED Novemeber 9, 2012 at 10:22am:

“It is a sad situation and we will miss all the nice people at Sentry,” stated Pharmacist and Owner of Nutritional Designs Pharmacy in Mount Pleasant, “but we are a strong and vibrant company and I am confident we will stay in the immediate area.”

Recent news of the closing of Sentry on Washington Avenue has hit many people hard in these challenging economic times. And for Sunday and Jody Muniz whose business currently resides within the grocery store, it may sting that much more.

Muniz says they have been caught in a crossroads but will likely find a new home in Mount Pleasant. And the possibility of staying in the same location has not yet been ruled out. Truth is, no one really knows what is going to happen at this point. Within 24 hours of the announcement, the Munizes met with their business consultants for many hours to strategize and examine their options.

“We are here to serve our customers and community. We will not abandon all the people who come from all over for our services. We want to make sure there is very minimal disruption to our customers,” says Muniz, “Our goal is to stay in Mount Pleasant if possible.”

Jody Muniz also expressed great appreciation for all the overwhelming support they have received from their customers via phone and Facebook. He gives his sincere gratitude.

Joesmith November 09, 2012 at 06:27 PM
Other than the wealthy ....which is justified... where is the proof that Obama is raising taxes ???? So me a link where he said that????? Waiting????waiting????? It's walker ...again budget is balanced actually a surplus so now in Wisconsin what has gone down???? Food clothing service anything THE ANSWER IS NO NONE ZIPPO still paying the same taxes too....way to go I stand with walker people obviously the country doesn't want people like him just a few crazies in the state .... Way to go guys
skinnyDUDE November 10, 2012 at 04:24 AM
@ Joesmith If your waiting for the answer you are not to bright . Obamacare includes 50 new taxes in it. Obama just stated AGAIN today his plan is too raise taxes on individuals making 200 k and above and couples at 250 k and higher. That is money that leaves the small business and goes to the government . The proof is in his own words. He stated it again today. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? 200k to 250k is not rich for someone who is putting everything they have back into a business they want too succeed. Taxes kill growth because it poison the well of growth. You libs think business is all profit and no work . But none of you have the balls to do it . Merely complain about someone else who puts there heart in soul into something they believe in . You just believe in complaining! Give us a Break ! Obama was class warfare his entire campaign . He bullshited his base that 200k a year was a millionaire And YOU all believe that. For you to ask for proof tells me a lot about how clueless you are to ask that question. Its Amazing!
jasonhappyatpig November 10, 2012 at 11:47 AM
The managers were evil. As a former employee of that Sentry, I was fired during a job interview at a different store. Yes, you heard me right.. Greg Shiltz got informed that I was looking for another job and showed up at the interview and fired me on the spot! All I was trying to do is better myself and Shiltz walked into the grocery store that I was interviewing at and asked me, "I hope you like it here cause now it's the only job you've got!" I didn't even have the job at that point. Little did he know that the person that did the interview was so disgusted by Shiltz's unprofessional behavior that they actually felt obligated to give me a job at the pig. Needless to say, I'm very happy where I am. However, I think Karma is now coming down on Sentry. Go to hell, Greg!
Sandra Baggott November 10, 2012 at 07:16 PM
Regarding Community Involvement and independently owner operated stores will be missed. I am a local product developer of (the Hang Away Universal Toothbrush Holder). Sentry and Piggly Wiggly immediately offered my product for sale without charging me slotting fees. I have experienced how corporate Wal-Mart and (Roundy's Pick’n Save) stores charge monthly vendor fees that choke off local entrepreneur businesses in need of test stores.
Thereishope November 16, 2012 at 03:19 PM
It's sad that another Business is going under in Racine. I don't think the area needs another WALMART, just 2 miles away from another one, that makes no sense. Generally businesses go under due to bad management. Walmart has put many small business under with there low ball prices. Walmart has also bullied other vendors in order to carry their product. I think that Racine as a community needs to come together and make it a better place. Racine as a whole as gone down hill. Kenosha is a nicer place.


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