Scotty’s Beer & Liquor Gears Up for the Holidays

Liquor store at intersection of Lilly Road and Silver Spring Drive offers up plenty of variety and old-fashioned service.

Back in July 2008, Scott Haese felt there was a need for a liquor store on the east side of Menomonee Falls.  So Haese seized the opportunity and became the first tenant in a new plaza at the corner of Lilly Road and Silver Spring Drive, opening the doors at Scotty’s Beer & Liquor.

So far, he’s been proven right.

“Business is going well,” said Haese. “It’s not growing as quickly as I’d like it to but despite the economy, we’re still doing good. We have a really good customer base.  We offer a great variety of products, everything from soda, beer, wines and all types of liquors. Our prices are competitive with everyone else. If you’re not competitive in this market you won’t do very well.”

Haese says he moved his family to Menomonee Falls from Milwaukee for practical reasons.

“I like Menomonee Falls as a business location and I live here, too,” said Haese. “We’ve been here for almost 16 years since moving my family from Milwaukee. We came here because of the school system and the area where we lived was becoming a higher crime area. My kids were younger and I didn’t want to subject them to that.”

One can go to almost any liquor store and find most of the items Scotty’s sells. But Haese says he prides himself on one thing that’s not always available in other stores.  Good, old-fashioned service.

“Service is our number one priority,” said Haese. “We offer down home service like everybody used to get. We carry items out to the customer’s cars and things like that. Sometimes I feel like it’s a bar because people come in here and sit and talk with me for 10 or 15 minutes.  It’s fun. I believe service is still the key. People enjoy being greeted when they come in, being told to have a nice day, and things like that.”

The beverage business generally gets a lift this time of year with the Holiday Season kicking in.  But this year, there’s an added bonus.  The Wisconsin Badgers are in the Rose Bowl and the Green Bay Packers are making a push towards a second straight appearance in the Super Bowl.   Sports fan excitement always makes its presence felt at the cash register.

“Definitely!  The talk every Monday is always, ‘Hey, how about the Packers!’ said Haese. “When the games are on, whether it’s the Badgers or the Packers, it does increase business for us. Everybody’s pumped about it.”

Of course, there’s always plenty of hustle and bustle as shoppers prepare for Christmas and New Year’s Day. That means extra work for Haese and his four employees but he’s got no complaints.

“You always have to prepare for the things that sell at this time of the year, items like the Irish Creams, the fancier Scotches and things like that,” said Haese. “Those items sell more at this time of the year, especially for Christmas, than any other time of the year. You have to make sure you have enough inventory. You don’t want to run out because you don’t want a customer to leave and go somewhere else.”

Haese also had a bit of advice for shoppers, especially those seeking seasonal liquor gift packs: don’t procrastinate.

“The only advice I’d have is that if you’re looking for gift packs don’t wait until the last minute because those that plan ahead will get them before you,” said Haese. “Gift packs are always made in a limited quantity and not all companies make gift packs anymore. It’s an easy gift. They disappear from the shelves long before Christmas Eve.”


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