Curves Offers Ladies Comfortable Atmosphere and Workout Results

Women's-only exercise center prepares to celebrate 10 years of business in Sussex.

“It’s fun, fast and you see results!”

That’s the way owner Debbie Gallant likes to describe what ladies can expect from participating in a workout regimen at the Curves exercise center on Main Street, just west of downtown Sussex.

“I’m proud to say that we’re one of the only women’s-only gyms around,” said Gallant. “What’s nice about a women’s-only gym is that it’s very comfortable for our clients. A lot of ladies don’t like working out with men, with the heavy weights. It’s just more comfortable for the ladies to know that it’s for women only.”

Curves is part of a worldwide franchise that focuses on women’s health and fitness. The philosophy is pretty straightforward: Customers get a 30-minute workout with “no makeup, no men and no mirrors.”

Most women pay $34 per month for their workout plan. However, those who have Medicare supplemental insurance can also apply for a program called “Silver Sneakers” and, if they're eligible, they don’t have to pay to exercise at Curves.

“It’s an hour-and-a-half workout put into a half-hour,” said Gallant. “So it fits into anybody’s lifestyle and schedule. The workout consists of cardiovascular, strength training and stretching, all in the half-hour. Usually, coming in three times a week works best for getting results. It’s an alternating day because of the strength training program, so Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday is fine, whatever works with your schedule.

“We have recovery boards where you recover your heart rate between each machine. We have a machine that’s designed to work every part of your body. You’re working every major muscle group.”

And the results? It depends on your reasons for working out.

“I like to say that you can look from the inside out to see what the workout gives you,” said Gallant. “Some people are here for Type 2 diabetes. Some are looking to lose weight and inches. For some, it could be psychological and feeling better about themselves. For many others, stress is a big problem, and exercise helps to relieve stress. I used to think it was just for weight loss and inches, but there are so many other things we’re helping ladies accomplish.”

Curves customers have been getting results for many years. That’s probably why the franchise has 4 million members nationwide.

There is also a location in Menomonee Falls inside the Main and Mill Building at W164N8877 Mill St.

Fit Dude January 06, 2012 at 04:38 PM
There are FAR less than 4 million Curves members nationwide. Thousands of Curves clubs have closed in the last few years- the Wall Street Journal estimates that there are about 4,000 Curves clubs left open for business in the US and this number is dropping every month (see http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303365804576432062058517684.html?mod=googlenews_wsj). With even 4,000 clubs open, this would mean that each club would have 1,000 members. This is FAR from the truth. It seems you are just printing a Curves press release without checking the facts. If you do an internet search for Curves clubs closing, you will see that there are thousands of former franchisees that have lost everything trying to keep their clubs open in spite of the policies of the corporate office (over-saturation of territories, lack of support, high franchise fees, inferior equipment, etc.). This is just another profit center for the corporate office while the franchisees do all the work.


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