Big Lots Opening Retail Store in Menomonee Falls

The closeout retailer hopes to open before Christmas in the North Pointe Centre across from Menomonee Falls High School. Jo-Ann Fabrics will also relocate into the same shopping center by spring 2013.

If you’ve driven past the North Pointe Centre across from Menomonee Falls High School over the past few weeks you’ve probably noticed there’s been construction activity inside the former Pick’n Save location.

Work crews are currently conducting a full-scale build out to accommodate spaces for Big Lots and , which will both occupy the center by the beginning of 2013.

Big Lots will open its doors inside North Pointe before the Christmas shopping season. Big Lots currently operates two stores in Milwaukee and one store in West Allis. The company is the nation’s largest brand-name closeout retailer and operates more than 1,400 stores in 48 states. The store sells a variety of products including clothing, furniture, housewares, gifts, and groceries.

a little later, however. The fabric and craft store plans to move from its current location in Falls, N84W1560 Appleton Ave., into the North Pointe Centre by spring of 2013.

For roughly two years - since the opened across the street - the shopping center has been home to one of the larger vacancies in Falls. CBRE Commercial Real Estate representative Sandy Golden said the new additions are welcome businesses on Northpoint Drive.

“We’re very excited about these two tenants for the shopping center,” Golden said. “This should be exciting for the community and exciting for the smaller businesses that are in that shopping center. They will generate a lot of vehicle and foot traffic for that side of town.”

The North Pointe Centre is currently home to several smaller retailers including Cost Cutters, , , and a . 

Easy Going April 07, 2013 at 02:39 AM
It's the nature of the internet, April. I share your frustration at both what and how some people decide to express themselves. I guess the "comfort" in it is that this is the price of a free society, and that means we pay the price of that freedom in ways large and small. People feel that, uninformed or misinformed as they may be, if they state an opinion loudly enough or repeat it sufficiently that it will somehow be transformed from "spew" to fact...
april phelps April 07, 2013 at 04:03 AM
Thank you easy going glad to know that someone out there still has a heart as I do :)
Easy Going April 07, 2013 at 01:50 PM
I suspect, April, that more people do have them than might be apparent. Perhaps it's a matter of not enough easy going people taking the time to add a comment, and potentially balance, to sites such as this one. And by the way, you're welcome...
Nancy April 27, 2013 at 01:52 PM
I am so excited about Big Lot's coming to the Falls and on this end of town. I am so tired of driving across town for everything. Thank you Big Lot's


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