Large Media Outlets Hit New Lows

In the last few weeks the non-FOX media have embarrassed themselves trying to cheerlead for President Obama rather than chase the truth for their viewers.

The non-fox media has hit new lows in the last two weeks. It started after the terrorist attack in Libya and the attack on our Egyptian embassy. (1)The media attacked Romney for criticizing the apology issued by our Egyptian embassy. As it turned out the Obama administration continued to issue apologies for days to come proving Romney was right in his criticism. While following the minor story of Romney’s remarks they continued to ignore the major issue of the Obama administration’s serious failure that allowed terrorists to kill four Americans including our ambassador. But it gets worse.

Even as even President Obama’s own administration was admitting to Congress that the attack in Libya was a coordinated terrorist attack and not caused by some video, Obama was appearing on the Letterman show continuing to blame this attack on some video. Rather than cover the major story of the President continuing to lie about the attack, they covered a video found by the Obama campaign that really has little actual real information. The funniest coverage of this came from Wolf Blitzer on CNN who asked, why should Obama do the job of the President when he can get more votes campaigning on Letterman? (2) Meanwhile we continue to wait for answers to serious questions. We have four dead people including an ambassador and two seals from a terrorist attack, we had at least 48 hours warning, and yet still no security personnel assigned to the ambassador left in Libya on 9-11. Does anyone really think if this was George Bush the media would not be hounding him for answers? In addition I am sure they would be making issues of the lies being used to avoid discussing the real issue.

The next big story we had was the report on Fast & Furious, the Obama administrations program to sell guns to Mexican Drug Gangs that resulted in one of those guns being used to kill a border patrol agent. I remember the day the report came out looking at websites for ABC, CBS, etc., all had headlines like Attorney General Exonerated. Again does anyone believe that the media would accept a report from someone working for the Attorney General in the Bush administration saying that his AG knew nothing and about the operation was proof he was not involved. I think they would have a little more curiosity, do you really believe someone below the top dog would have authorized an operation involving let guns cross our border to Mexican Drug gangs? Whatever anyone believes the report may not prove Holder’s guilt but it does not prove him innocent either. This is not the CIA, he should know about any operation exporting guns across the border, if he didn’t he lacks control of his organization and should resign.

Then we had reports on Thursday about great economic news. What was this great news? The reports were based on a census report from 2011 showing a small increase in the number of people moving, up from record lows. The real economic news on that day was first time unemployment claims slightly higher than expected at 382,000 and Bank of America announcing 16,000 layoffs. Not exactly great news as reported by all the major networks based off the AP story. These reports came a week after the Federal Reserve announced QE3 due to concerns about the US labor market indicating serious economic concerns going forward.

The last major one was the report by the rest of the media after President Obama’s embarrassing interview on Univision. (3) They reported the news President Obama was asked tough questions. This is very revealing that they were all shocked he was asked tough questions. Of course they would never do such a thing. I am sure when Romney is President they will remember it is their job to ask tough questions and they will find they still know how to ask tough questions of the President of the United States rather than campaign for him.

The good news is with their cheerleading for President Obama an increasing number of people are recognizing the lack of integrity in much of the traditional media. Mainstream media trust among independents has dropped from 50% down to 31%. (4) Although I hope they will at least feel compelled to call President Obama to task on his continued lying about the video being the cause of the terrorist attack on the embassy in Libya. In addition they need to press him for answers about the security, or why they did not pull out given what we know now about the warning they had.

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Dirk Gutzmiller September 25, 2012 at 11:34 PM
doug toader looks like Fabio, the Italian fashion model, on high dose estrogen treatments.
The Anti-Alinsky September 25, 2012 at 11:49 PM
Steve, why would Romney deny it. IT'S THE TRUTH!!!
Dirk Gutzmiller September 26, 2012 at 12:14 AM
Fox goes beyond merely being a news outlet with a rightwing ideology, it actively organizes anti-government events, with organizing rallies, speaking tours, protests, etc. Only a Hoffa type would take the case to call Fox News fair and believable.
Brian Carlson September 26, 2012 at 02:22 AM
Sorry mam....I thought you were a male. I had a friend named Doug when I was young way back in the twenties. But nowadays you young folk switch around a lot.
Michael McClusky September 27, 2012 at 12:11 PM
Those news outlets are absolutely ridiculous! How can a thinking person agree with his candidate 100% of the time? How many people do you meet in life where you agree with him/her 100% of the time? Those talking heads are told what to say for crying out loud. Use the brain that God gave you- don't even consider watching those idiots!


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