What's the Plan Guys?

Questions the presidential candidates should have to answer.

One of the agonizing aspects of being simply Brian Q. Public, is not being able to get answers for simple but critical questions from the two guys who want to run this horse and pony show. How can we make intelligent decisions for America, let alone wise decisions, if we have no real clue what the Flying RomObama Twins propose about issues of vast importance? Among these, my greatest curiosity has to do with epic wars. Here are my simple questions ... (and I realize I am tossing these questions to the wind).

1. Are you and when are you Mr. President, going to get us the heck out of Afghanistan? Would you, and when would you, Mr. Mitt, get us the heck out of Afghanistan?

2. Mr. President, will you do everything possible to avoid warfare with Iran and will you look into ways to relax the unprecedentedly severe economic sanctions currently imposed upon them, sanctions that are effectively inhumane? Mr. Mitt, Do you plan to attack Iran and if not, why specifically have you asked for two trillion for our military over the next ten years, a sum that close to doubles that spent on both the Afghan and Iraqi Wars?

I really want these questions answered ... But WHO is asking?

The twin wars we have been involved in this past decade were debacles that profited only multinational corporations tied to the war industry. One point three trillion dollars, hundreds of thousands of innocent dead, thousands of patriotic young Americans killed and for what? Freedom?

If you believe that is the agenda, then you must want to be misled. Even "corporate freedom" doesn't encapsulate the agenda of these wars. The wars are the actions of Empire and that Empire is primarily American and Corporate. They are wars of domination. My questions are really simple ... Are you guys going to continue this path of Empire, cruising the globe and overturning whatever does not align with the program of domination you hold (esposals aside)?

Somewhere it's written that when a (hu)mans words and actions disagree, go by their actions if you would known their true intent. Our actions in the Middle East, going back to the end of the second world war, have been focused, violent (militarily and economically), have directly or indirectly led to the deaths of millions of people, and have garnered towards us enough resentment to last generations. Our actions prove our administrations do agree on a central tenant, the Middle East is ours to exploit and the people of the Middle East have NO right to the God given rights our sacred constitution lays out, those inalienable rights.

The second question has already been answered to a great extent. We ARE at war with Iran. We have attacked with sanctions that are extreme to an unprecedented degree ... they reportedly outstrip those we held on Iraq. The sactions are obscene, inhumane and have obviously recently put a choke hold on the entire economy. People who have zero say in who governs them, are suffering greatly. It is as though they have been invaded by a great military force. The great ruse used to justify our onslaught, again, is the issue of nuclear weapons.

For 28 years this spectre has been raised and used to justify ends that for 28 years have been about power and money ... nothing more. The concept of a nuclear armed Iran actually deploying the weapons on Israel or the US is as daft as any other power doing so to anyone else. To attack another country with nukes is to commit suicide and none of the leaders on this planet wants to die ... they want to live and to rule. MAD is the stopper on the drain of nuclear desolation ... it's a lose-lose gambit.

I have another couple of questions, because the President and Mr. Mitt will never hear me. These questions are for you, the other Q. Publics.

Will you allow these candidates to get to election without being forced to own up to how they will answer these questions, questions that involve trillions of dollars, the potential for another decade of war, even an all out Middle Eastern War? Your kids or grandkids may well be dying in th next one, so you had best listen up.

Is this "global war on terror," to your liking? Is that the America you find respectable, the land of the free and the brave ... you have loved? An America that runs decade long wars with no discernible goals, timelines, or plausible means to determine a satisfactory end, yet funnels billions and billions into corporate coffers ... corporations you have never even heard of as well as the Halliburtons and Boeings you have?

I REALLY want some answers. No more fluff, no more standing behind the flag spinning platitudes. These guys want to lead us. Fine. I WANT TO KNOW: "Where?"

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Craig October 22, 2012 at 03:55 AM
Brian: Eating crow here...Neither link spells it out perfectly, but it seems to be fuzzy math. http://www.npr.org/2012/10/18/163148823/romneys-defense-plans-call-for-higher-spending http://factcheck.org/2012/10/will-romney-increase-defense-spending-by-2-trillion/
Brian Carlson October 22, 2012 at 04:38 PM
Craig... Yes not simple to understand but apparently, as far as I grasp it, Romney would direct that toward the military and Obama would send it to debt reduction or other non military items.
Craig October 23, 2012 at 04:35 PM
I did not know Pakistan was a nuclear threat. 80 nukes for such a small and poorly controlled country? I think we have more problems than terrorists hiding in the caves.
Randy1949 October 23, 2012 at 05:03 PM
@Craig -- Pakistan has been a nuclear threat to India for quite some time. And it could become a threat to us if one of those nukes fell into the wrong hands.
Brian Carlson October 23, 2012 at 05:33 PM
Nukes, all weapons of mass destruction, are such horrific devices, designed for such indiscriminate slaughter, that they are ALWAYS in the wrong hands. Their existence is an abomination. In the early sixties all of Kennedys trusted advisors, men of intelligence and good will, all AMERICANS, advised him to bomb Cuba....an act that would have resulted in nuclear retaliation and the end of the current world as we know it. Miraculously he resisted his entire staff and chose to negotiate....which is probably why we are alive. But we were at the edge with a majority voting to leap. There are people given and maybe only capable of thinking in abstractions..... And "nukes," becomes a lite slang term for what is an ignition of the atmosphere into an immense extremely intense fireball, a flash oven inside which most life is incinerated with all the evil of the ovens in Birkenau. Indiscriminate slaughter of children, infants, mothers, the old and infirm.... On a vast scale. That was Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The most unfortunate died slowly from radiation poisoning and burns. We are all like children's holding hand grenades not understanding the potential consequences of our actions, or even our words.


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