Trucks Stuffed for Hurricane Relief Pull Out of Wisconsin

Retired firefighter Bruce Bowen and his nephew are driving a trailer and an SUV stuffed with donations for Hurricane Sandy relief in Toms River, New Jersey.

The generosity of Cheeseheads is on its way to the hurricane ravaged neighborhoods of Toms River, New Jersey.

Retired firefighter Bruce Bowen and his nephew, Adam Peterson, are hauling a 24' trailer stuffed to the ceiling with a heavy-duty pick-up with its bed packed and secured. Both the trailer and the truck are donated by Tom's Trailers in Menomonee Falls and Peterson Express, LLC, in Waterford, respectively.

They also have a large SUV stuffed to the gills.

In just over three weeks, hundreds of pounds of goods from clothing to paper products to shovels to everything in between has been donated by residents across the state. The pair got the idea on Halloween and utilized their contacts on Facebook and in a few communities to get the word out.

Not only did it lead to connections locally, but Bowen targeted Toms River because a Facebook contact in Wauwatosa led to Gemma MacCarrick, an elementary teacher in Toms River.

More, a Patch reader with the screen name "quiltingkelly" contacted us about her quilting circle donating a number of quilts for the trip.

"We were able to talk with her and she dropped off a number of quilts at Station 9 in Sturtevant so Bruce can pick them up on his way to New Jersey," said South Shore firefighter Jason Caira.


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