Top 20 Television Moments List Released

Results may have some wondering how old respondents were, as there seem to be some notable omissions. What would your top 20 list look like?

Any list titled 'all-time top 20' is always subject to interpretation.

However, a survey released Wednesday by Sony Electronics and the Nielsen television research company shows the top 20 answers when people were asked "what are your most memorable television moments?"

Some who are middle aged and older will scratch their heads at some of the answers, and wonder why some historic events didn't end up higher on the list, like the Cuban missle crisis or even the tearing down of the Berlin Wall.

However if you weren't born before the lunar landing of Apollo 11 or the Fall of Saigon, you can't call it very memorable, can you?

So without further ado, here's the list:

1. September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks
2. Hurricane Katrina/levee breaks (2005)
3. O.J. Simpson murder trial verdict (1995)
4. Challenger space shuttle disaster (1986)
5. Death of Osama bin Laden (2011)
6. O.J. Simpson car chase (1994)
7. Earthquake and tsunami in Japan (2011)
8. Columbine school shooting (1999)
9. BP oil spill (2010)
10. Princess Diana's funeral (1997)
11. Death of Whitney Houston
12. Capture & execution of Saddam Hussein (2006)
13. Barack Obama acceptance speech (2008)
14. Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (2011)
15. Assasination of John F. Kennedy (1963)
16. Oklahoma City bombing (1995)
17. Bush/Gore election results (2000)
18. Rodney King verdict/riots (1992)
19. Casey Anthony murder trial verdict (2011)
20. Funeral of John F. Kennedy (1963)

Add video clips of your most memorable television moments to the article.

jerry mislang July 12, 2012 at 01:22 PM
Lee Harvey Oswald was shot to death on LIVE TV and didn't make the list but Whitney Houston and Casey Anthony did? With the exception of JFK and Challenger making the list, I guess hsitory didn't start until the 1990's...
Lois Liebau-Templin July 13, 2012 at 04:40 PM
These events are ones that none of us will ever forget. However, I am from the era that was pre-TV. When TV can along, we remember Jimmie Durante saying at the end of his program, "Good night, Mrs. Callabash, wherever you are." Dinah Shore blowing us a kiss at the end of her show, Kate Smith singing, When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain, Milton Berle, Loretta Young, and Red Skeleton. These cannot match the events that are listed, but can't we find anything positive in life anymore? Just one thing, maybe? Remembering the pictures of our men, and women, coming home safely from the middle east, all those people who left their homes up north, and when down south to help those who lost everything in those hurricanes, our firefighters, and police officers, helping those in need. These may seem like small events to many, but to us they mean so much. It may not end up on TV, but getting up in the morning, taking a deep breath, and thanking God that you are alive for another day, and still have our freedoms, at least for now. God bless all of you, especially those who serve us, in so many ways.


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